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My most recent drawings! I focus on drawing Nintendo characters and those from close third-party franchises such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man. This consists of not only drawings from MS Paint, but comics, icons, stamps, and screenshots too! To see all of my artwork, check out the gallery!


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I can be very picky when it comes to choosing favorites, especially since I don't exactly search for art on here (I'm more focused on uploading my own stuff); even so, I've actually added quite a lot of art since I've been on here. If you see your stuff in here, then congrats to you!


DO I'S SEE IMPROVEMENT?! YES INDEED! I must truly say you have outdone yourself and set a new standard to follow, Palkachu! There was n...

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from the first page of Destiny Bond, but it's safe to say that your "First Impression" is super ef...

The drawing is simple, but the way you approach it is pretty great! I love how it looks like a painting, and the attention to detail on...


That moment when you notice someone that blocked you is now using an icon you made for their avatar. And is still a member of a Group you run. I mean, I don't have any regrets about what led to them hating my guts, but this seems kinda...... Odd (granted, this individual is pretty dang strange). But yeah, just another creep on DA, nothing new here.
I don't think I've ever asked this yet, but I'm curious; what do you guys want to see in my comic series Super Mario JBX? Can't guarantee I'll actually use any suggestions I get here, but I'd like to get an idea of what any potential fans of the comic would like.
Alright, someone in Nintendo's localization team must've been having a lot of fun naming the levels in Octo Expansion; I'm laughing out loud at a lot of them!

......Actually, now that I think about it, sounds like names I'D use if I was allowed to be goofy with naming the stages...!^^; I tend to use a lot of referential jokes, for those who don't know me.

(P.S. Am I the only one who thinks the entire thing is like the Rock Bottom episode from Spongebob? You're deep underground somewhere surrounded by strange creatures you never see around Inkopolis, and the only way out is a mode of public transportation)
It has been almost three whole months since I first beat Kirby Star Allies' story mode, but I am still listening to Hyness' second phase battle theme every other day and it hasn't gotten old.


...Send help...

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Yu Has Been Tagged Stamp by JBX9001

So I've been kinda sorta tagged by a good pal o' mine, Dawn-Lovett, who did a response to this same kind of tag.  Well now I'm gonna give it a go! 

1. What interests you in DeviantArt?

When I first arrived here back in 2014, the reason I joined was because I wanted to provide an art gallery people could look at without cringing at some really creepy s***; or to be dramatic, "the light in the darkness" so to speak.  Of course, by now I've learned this place has a good number of honest-to-goodness, approachable people and amazing art that isn't just dirty stuff.  But before joining, I had a bad first impression considering that almost every time Google Images showed a picture from here of a character I looked up the results had me going It's time to stop ok? No more! (chat/comment icon). Which is why I just get source images from the wikis now...  Of course the other reason is because of my fan comic, Super Mario JBX, which has technically been in the works since 2002, long before I would have consistent Internet access!  Not that anything I drew or wrote back THEN was any good...  Still, I hope to make it one of the best fan comics ever made.  A lofty goal, yes, but that's what I plan to achieve (which is why it's taking so dang long to plan out the overall story!)!

2. Are you a fan, gamer, or role-player?

I'm a gamer, through and through!Gamer fella - playing Sega Gensis Console (works)   You could say I'm a fan of the games that interest me though!I am a dummy!  As for role-playing...  I'm pretty selective on it; only close pals of mine have that honor.

3. If you have a favorite artist on this site, who would that be?

:iconsimonhenricksson: Simonhenricksson - You may ask, "But JBX, that guy barely posts anything!  Why's he your favorite artist?"  The answer is simple really; I know him in real life, as he is my youngest brother.  So naturally I'd default to a family member that I've known for darn near my whole life!mario and luigi  .........As biased as that is...Sweating a little...

4. If you have more than one favorite artist (besides your favorite artist from that recent question), who else are they? (Again, tag them and share why you love them)

Now to be serious, there have been quite a few folks that I can consider to be friends whose art is of course pretty great!  Those people of exceptional quality are as follows: 

:iconhoshi-no-kaabii: Hoshi-no-Kaabii - Though they're not too active these days, I really like his art, and he is a fellow Co-Founder for one of my Groups, AdeleineArtStudio.  So naturally we're both big fans of Kirby in general! 

:iconmacaheroes: MacaHeroes - This gal might not be around here much either, but I'll be darned if her Puyo art isn't some of the best I've seen!  She's apparently more active on Twitter and I think Tumblr, but I don't have a Twitter account (yet), and Tumblr is cancer...Mario Does Not Approve Icon   Again though, the stuff she has here is amazing!  She helps run PuyoPopUSA too, so that's another plus!

:iconherolinktriforce: HeroLinkTriforce - Dis dude draws some pretty awesome stuff, and he's a dedicated fan of my comic series (in development), Super Mario JBX!  Another Co-Founder of AdeleineArtStudio, we both adore that little artist!Adeleine Hi/Bye

:icondragonblast71: DragonBlast71 - Does some really nice traditional drawings, and occasional meme-ish stuff too!

 :iconmiracely: Miracely - She drew some really awesome drawings on Miiverse back when it was still a thing, but these days she draws these awesome Pokemon drawings that look good enough to be in the trading card game!

:iconpalkachu:Palkachu - Probably one of my biggest fans ever, she's a great supporter of my work, and of course her own stuff is pretty neato too!  

:iconub25artist: UB25Artist - Another one of my closest online pals; he's started anew in recent times, but his hand-drawn art is truly impressive and he has some really great OCs!  He's one of the few folks I've RP'ed with regularly, so we know each other's fan characters pretty well!

:iconpheonix548: pheonix548 - Her art has a really adorable, picture-book like feel to it that I really like!

:icontheadorableoshawott: TheAdorableOshawott - I've spoken of many horrors in the Puyo Puyo fandom, but when it comes to the GOOD fans that I know personally, this guy here is one of the best!  He (mainly) makes 3D renders and 2D vectors of Pokemon and Puyo characters, and they look pretty awesome!  He's also been a big help in co-founding PuyoPopUSA, which I especially appreciate considering the few...  "Complications" in the past...

:iconpokkiu: Pokkiu - They've got a very unique style that is so friggin' adorable that it just couldn't be ignored!

:icondawn-lovett: Dawn-Lovett - The newest addition to JBX9001's "Star Allies" (and the one who started this whole tag business), her art is pretty great as well, and she's even done some animations (which I need to be doing myself )!  She became a big fan of my work real quick, so that's always a great sign!

Honorable Mentions - These folks have maintained a constant dedication to my work, so let's give them some recognition too:

:icontigerfishaori: TigerfishAori

:iconzurtur: zurtur

chuggaacoRnroy (Doesn't have his own avatar icon yet)

:iconkrispy1264: krispy1264

:iconpeppermintcandyart: PeppermintCandyArt

5. What brings you to DeviantArt?

I think I pretty much answered this in Question 1, but I guess you could say joining satisfied my desire to share my art with others (which is pretty much the whole point, right?).  During my high school days, I used to show people my drawings all the time, and everyone was impressed with my work, especially during the last two years I was there.  I don't really have the opportunity to share my art offline like I used to, so being able to do that online is real nice!

6. As an artist, what motivates you? As a fan, what makes you fond of your favorite movie, tv shows, comics, etc.? As a role-player or gamer, what game do you come up with or what game do you like to play?

You guys; if NO ONE was paying attention to my drawings, I wouldn't have stayed here for four years and counting (and as a result I've been improving so that you guys will find more reasons to enjoy my art)!  I love action with a good amount of comedy thrown into the mix, and "cartoony-anime" art (ex. a lot of Nintendo's stuff) has been a life-long preference of mine.

7. Do you usually find your friends here?

As in offline?  .........Nnnnnnnnnnnno.  Besides my bro (who's often not here), none of the people I know have probably even heard of DeviantArt.  And I don't feel this place is okay enough to recommend to someone not accustomed to "Internet culture"...

8. Besides here, what other sites do you go to? Ex. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, etc.

My endeavors at Google+ bombed, so I don't use it anymore (other than to make YouTube comments I guess).  I want to make YouTube videos, but still need to gather more source material to make the videos; but there are some very old, lame ones I have before my old computer kicked the bucket.  Facebook has been under fire lately, so I'm keepin' my distance, but I've had my eye on Twitter...  Since you now need an account there to do stuff like Splatoon 2 social media posts.

9. What is it do you like DeviantArt? (Please, don't write anything negative about it. Only positive answers)

You mean other than those awesome peeps I just mentioned?  ..............................

Smg4 mario Nope 

Well there's a few other people I haven't mentioned who have good art too, but we don't talk (you'll see 'em on my Friends list).  That's all for now, you guys have a good day!


JBX9001's Profile Picture
Your 1-UP Boy
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Welcome to my DeviantART page! As you will notice right away, I'm a big fan of Nintendo, so most of my artwork will be based on it and a few other select third-party franchises. You'll also be able to view my web comic series, "Super Mario JBX" here, but there are plans to upload it on my YouTube channel and possibly other social media sites as well!

I'll let you know right away that I'm mainly on here just to upload my stuff, not look at everyone else's, so I may come off as rather quiet; however I've still found some art that I like, and I can be a very nice guy. I can talk for a long time if you choose to have a conversation with me, especially if you're a big ol' Nintendo nerd like me! I have high moral values though, so if I don't like the content of your art, I'll probably end up ignoring you...

To clarify, I tend to ignore people whose gallery and/or favorites contain:

- drawings that are unnecessarily bloody and too violent
- anti-fan art of characters that I feel don't deserve the hate
- art that is explicitly sexual (this includes all types of fetishes, yaoi and yuri)

If you want me to add you to my DeviantWATCH, quality is not a requirement; people I watch are described as "Friends" on this site, so I have to feel like you are one for me to add you. As long as you're a watcher who frequently faves and provides positive commentary for my works, I'll eventually add you in! Recently I've added some people to the list without them speaking to me at all, but that just means their art is THAT good!

I choose to respect the original depiction of the characters I draw, as I feel that for fan art to be a proper tribute, you shouldn't change the way the character acts just to fit your personal preferences. My page is intended for all-audiences, from younger children to adults.

I try to be active as much as possible, but I've got a relatively busy life, so there will be periods of time where I won't be posting anything or will be unable to reply to comments directed towards me. I make an effort to reply whenever I can though, so please be patient!

If you've been longing for a profile that features a plethora of Nintendo fan art without "mature" content all over it, this page is for you!

*Frequently Asked Questions & Rules to Follow*

>"Do you take requests/art trades?" : Read this journal:…

>"Can I draw your OCs?" : You most certainly can! ...But please, don't portray them negatively or sexually objectify them; otherwise, instead of getting a fave, you'll get a block, since you'd technically be disrespecting my wishes. And don't claim you made them either, of course!

>"Check out this drawing!" *places link without a proper title* : Please tell me where an ambiguous link will take me. This site can be a very dark and disturbing place, and I'd rather not have my eyes burned and keep my vision, thank you very much. Fail to do this, and I'm not too sure I should trust you...

>"____ looks sexy" : Please don't make comments like that (or at least don't say anything you wouldn't say in front your folks). I'm pretty sure little kids check out my drawings alongside the older crowd. Failure to follow this rule prompts me to hide the comment and subsequently ignore you. I can't prevent you from feeling that way about the characters I draw, but your thoughts are private for a reason; keep it that way!

>"Have a Llama Badge!" : I don't even know what these things are for; apparently it's customary to give one back, but if they have no value other than appreciation, it'd be wrong of me to give one back when I'll more than likely never browse through the sender's art. If you want one back, just ask. I'll give you one without quarrel!

>Though I aim to get along with as much people as possible, obviously I can't please everyone. By that I mean even I have had to block a few "disgruntled" users. Long story short, do NOT argue with me! Trying to pick a fight with me will result in an immediate block without notice! Give respect, get respect; nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

>I don't ask for much from my audience other than appreciation; that being said, if you decide to leave a comment on any of my drawings, PLEASE make sure it's about the drawing. Otherwise, that's pretty much spam, and I'd rather not add someone new to my Blocked Users list. If you have a general question, ask me on my front page or in a Note.

*So How Awesome is JBX9001?*

"JBX9001 is living proof MS paint isn't always terrible" - Palkachu

"You got a great attention to detail yet you keep it to the point, with much flair and style that shines through in a most consistent, fun and warm way~" - SeriesArtiststarter

"It's MS Paint, but jam-packed with video games and humor. Definitely a must-try for gamers and nerds alike." - PeppermintCandyArt

Want to play video games with me? Then GETTA LOAD OF THISSS!:…

Other Sites you can find me on:



Super Mario Boards:…

Zelda Dungeon:…

Bulbagarden Forums:…

Puyo Nexus Forum:…

If you like my drawings, check out these other awesome artists:……


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TheAdorableOshawott Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Man! Did you watch it? Seriously, I'm excited to play it! :D
JBX9001 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 12, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure did! EVERYONE is here indeed! Now I just need to worry about the new folks I want in! I can already cross off Bomberman though, since he's an Assist Trophy...

Never thought I'd see Ridley be playable, but he looks awesome!
Nintendofan364 Featured By Owner May 29, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
What's up JBX! Did you hear about the new Pokemon info??? (Also, E3 is in less than two weeks! :dummy:)
JBX9001 Featured By Owner May 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, the Let's Go! Pikachu/Eevee games right? Excited for two-player, bummed that you can't battle the wild Pokemon.

And I'm definitely anxious for E3!
Nintendofan364 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
(Sorry for the late reply) Yeah, no wild Pokemon battle may be different, but it should still be good.

Yep! Only one week and one day now!
JBX9001 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, though that will make the Mewtwo encounter incredibly underwhelming...

Palkachu Featured By Owner May 29, 2018  Hobbyist
Hey, just a heads up, that vore guy got another account, this time called memewhomemes. You may wanna block him as soon as you can.
JBX9001 Featured By Owner May 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Ugh, that guy just won't quit! He's just like a cockroach!
JTGX2000 Featured By Owner May 24, 2018  Student
So, I'm thinking about returning to make my crossover so, I dunno if I really want to do it, so I changed my mind to make the storyline to be like Super Smash Bros but with some changes on there, Mario will be the main protagonist of this story and instead of just Original Smash Bros (64) franchises be in crossover, I'm still thinking about adding anime franchises that can make battles in average level (not too easier but not too harder too).
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